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Landscape design is the art and science of designing outdoor spaces, including gardens, parks, and public areas. It involves planning, designing, and managing the outdoor environment to create a functional and beautiful space.

Landscape Design

At Superior Scape Landscaping in Shelby Township Michigan our landscape designers typically starts by evaluating the site and considering factors such as climate, topography, soil, and existing vegetation. They will then work with the client to determine their needs and preferences, and develop a design plan that incorporates those elements.

Our landscape designers will work closely with the client to understand their needs and preferences, as well as the site conditions and any constraints that may exist. They will then develop a design concept, which may include sketches, renderings, and 3D models, to help the client visualize the proposed design.

Once the design is finalized, our landscape designers will typically oversee the installation and construction of the project, ensuring that the final result is in line with the original vision. Ongoing maintenance may also be required to ensure that the landscape remains healthy and vibrant over time.

Design elements in landscape design include:

  • Hardscaping: This includes elements such as patios, walkways, walls, and other structures that are not living, but add structure and interest to the landscape.
  • Softscaping: This includes the living elements of the landscape such as plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers.
  • Water features: Ponds, fountains, and waterfalls can add a soothing and beautiful element to the landscape.
  • Lighting: Lighting can add beauty and functionality to the landscape, by highlighting features and providing safety and security.

A successful landscape design will take into account the practical needs of the space, such as drainage and accessibility, as well as the aesthetic desires of the client. Good landscape design can enhance the value of a property, provide a space for relaxation and entertainment, and contribute to the well-being of the environment.

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Landscaping Design Rochester Hills Michigan

Landscaping Design Rochester Hills Michigan by Superior Scape Inc. of Shelby Township Michigan.

Superior Scape is a Full-Service Landscape Design, Installation & Management in Michigan Since 1984! Superior Scape is dedicated to creating captivating landscapes of lasting beauty, choose Superior Scape Landscaping of Shelby Twp to transform your home or business into the perfect outdoor living space you’ve always envisioned!

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Superior Scape – Natural Outdoor Beauty & the Art of Landscape Design!

Superior Scape, Inc. has been creating award winning landscapes, breath taking paver driveways and walkways, spectacular fountains, waterfalls and outdoor patios for decades. We bring innovative state-of-the-art landscape technology and natural outdoor beauty together like no other landscaping company.

Incorporating all the latest in outdoor products and materials along with our years of experience and impeccable workmanship and know-how, we make your dream home everything it can be!

We are fully licensed builders and offer a complete and truly diverse landscape construction service.

We’re all about innovative landscape design, quality materials and teamwork to create the perfect outdoor living space for our clients! Timeless beauty, function & style in contemporary or traditional designs with impeccable pre-project planning and attention to detail from start to finish!

Our Landscape Services:

    • Custom Landscape & Hardscape Design
    • Outdoor Living/Entertainment Space
    • Brick Paver Patios, Driveways & Walks
    • Natural Stone & Large Boulders
    • Wooden Structures & Pergolas
    • Fire Pits, Fireplaces & Barbecues
    • Outdoor Kitchens & Island Grills
    • Water Fountains, Ponds & Waterfalls
    • Outdoor Landscape Lighting
    • Landscape Design, Restoration, & Maintenance
    • Annual & Perennial Flowers, Trees & Shrubs
    • Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems
    • Snow and Ice Removal

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