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  • Keep watering – New plantings especially, 1” water/week until snow falls.
  • Clean up dead leaves, branches and touch up pruning.
  • Remove dead annuals/perennials after killing frosts to eliminate garden pests over wintering.
  • Composting leaves, plant pruning’s, etc. can result in less necessary fertilizing if reapplied to beds in future years after turning into soil.
  • Late fall fertilizing after late October for trees, shrubs and perennials with low nitrogen mixes like 10-10-10.
  • Mulching applied late, after several frosts is always good protection against frost heave and root damage from winter freeze/thaw cycles.
  • A late fall application of an anti-desiccant spray, such as Wilt-Pruf, to small evergreen shrubs and trees as well as broadleaf evergreens like Holly and Boxwood can help protect against winter damage. This is especially important for new plantings.
  • Using a screen of burlap fabric to shade and block winds can greatly reduce winter damage on bigger evergreen hedges and windbreaks.
  • Preventing damage from deer, rabbits, mice and other chewing animals should be addressed by the end of October. Wrapping trunks of smaller trees or flowering shrubs like Dogwoods, Viburnums and Burning Bush with burlap, plastic mesh or screening can help. Covering hedges or individual plantings of Yews, Arborvitae, Holly and even Boxwood with plastic mesh, hardware cloth or burlap can save disfigurement of your favorite plants also.
  • Spraying plants with repellants such as Deer Off, Liquid Fence, etc. certainly works as well but may need to be applied several times over the winter as temperatures moderate.
  • Damage to hedges and special plants from the weight of new snow loads should be avoided by using a broom and brushing them off.

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